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Since 2016 Oldenburg Bonsèl & Associates has been awarding a scholarship on a yearly basis for students who are graduating from their high school in South Africa. South Africa has unlike the Netherlands no social system whereby it is possible for everyone to continue to study at an university. Through the scholarship Oldenburg Bonsèl & Associates tries to help the South African society by making it possible for students to continue their education at an university. As an organisation we have the opinion that knowledge is the most important driver for the growth of a country and society. Due to the success and enthusiasm of the students during the previous years, Oldenburg Bonsèl & Associates has decided to once again award the Scholarship to one student in the King Cetshwayo District in 2020!



The scholarship makes it possible for the lucky winner to pursue his/her dream to go to study at an university. The scholarship is exclusively meant for a student who is totally MAD, meaning a student having Motivation, Aspiration and Determination. Through hard work, success is guaranteed! We are looking at all their achievements; so not only their academic activities, but also their personal achievements and all their motivations are taking in consideration. Students who want to apply for the Scholarship Oldenburg Bonsèl 2020 will need to fill in an application form and write a motivational letter. The scholarship will be awarded to a student who intends to study fulltime regardless of the field of study. Through the scholarship the lecture fees and books are funded.


Are you an excellent student in the region of King Cetshwayo District and are you planning to start a study at a university next year? Then apply now for the Oldenburg Bonsèl Scholarship 2020!

Through this website you can download the application form. Do take in mind that you have met all the criteria listed in the application form. The application form needs to be filled in full and all needed information has to be added, scanned and e-mailed to before the 10th of April 2019 at 23:59. All forms that aren’t completed in full will not be taken in consideration. All documents need to be stamped for authentication.



From all the applications a jury from Oldenburg Bonsèl & Associates will make a selection with the top 20 of possible winners. To really get to know these candidates, a Skype interview will be arranged. The winner will be announced in September this year at a ceremony on the school of the winner. The winner will be awarded the Scholarship and the Oldenburg Bonsèl floating trophy.


  • Applications from learners closely related to the Oldenburg family or company will not be taken into consideration.
  • Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.
  • Applications from learners who submit forms after the deadline of April 10th at 23:59 will not be taken into consideration.
  • Only learners from the schools: John Ross College or High School Richards Bay can apply for the Oldenburg Bonsèl Bursary Scheme.
  • Only learners with South African nationality can apply for the Oldenburg Bonsèl Bursary Scheme.
  • Only learners who apply for one of the following universities in South Africa can apply for the Oldenburg Bonsèl Bursary Scheme:
    • University of Pretoria
    • University of Johannesburg (Accountancy)
    • University of Cape Town
    • Stellenbosch University
    • University of the Witwatersrand
    • University of the Free State
  • It will be the learner's responsibility to apply for entrance at the university.
  • Motivation letters where the 1000-word limit is exceeded will not be taken into consideration (add a word count).
  • The motivation letter must be written in English.
  • All submitted documents need to be certified. When this requirement is not met, applications will not be taken into consideration.
  • The application form needs to be signed by the principal and parent(s).
  • The top candidates of chosen learners will be interviewed via Skype to determine the winner of the Oldenburg Bonsèl Bursary Scheme.
  • Condition when offered the Oldenburg Bonsèl Bursary Scheme: the learner needs to undergo a test with dr. Prof Kraus in Pretoria to see whether he/she is qualified for the intended study.
  • If a student does not agrees or corporate on these rules he/she will get disqualified for the bursary.


* The video shown above has been directed when High School Richards Bay was the only participating school. This year the schools High School Richards Bay and John Ross College can participate.

For any further enquiries or questions will be answered by mail to We will be happy to assist.

Good luck!